Our School Days

We are soon to be wrapping up our 1st quarter, and I have realized that we haven’t shared any homeschool posts yet, which seems a bit funny considering that school is what consumes most of our days.


 9:00   PE  (this includes me! ~which is very much needed *hee*)
10:00 Language Arts (grammar, spelling/vocabulary, & copywork/writing)
              M, W, F (Formal lessons for Andrew)-
              T, TH (preschool for Bryson& friend)
11:00  Literature (big kids) – Activity time (littles)                             
12:00  LUNCH w/ Bible study
12:30  Geography
12:45  Math
1:30   Science
2:00  (Savannah goes to public school for her IEP)
2:30  French review/ Spanish lesson
3:00  Outside play (for now)
4:00  Jurisdictions (aka chores)


Mondays– Nick helps coach a U13 boys soccer team
Tuesdays–   Movie night~ we buy 10 weeks of movie tickets for $8.oo AND adults get in free w/ child.  For our family, whom never goes to the movies, this is a huge win-win!  It breaks down to 40 cents per person per movie. 
Wednesday– wednesday school co-op for Katie & TJ. 
                           Church night where Fred helps w/ youth, I help w/ kids club, Grandma goes to women’s Bible study.
Thursday– Joe assists at a youth group from the church he attends.  We especially like to crash the party when it is his turn to preach *grin*
Friday– Piano lessons for Katie, our formal Nature Study day, and we are switching up and attending a new Life Group in the evenings. 

The days are full, but we are loving it!

Katie & Savannah working on some geography.


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