slow-n-steady days

The days are slowly coming along, yet time itself seems to go by so fast.   The perfectionist in me wants to figure wordpress out before diving in again with blogging (it’s all in the details, lol), but life is continuing on… and frankly I have lots I want to share. 

Can I say… we.are.busy
Of course folks assume we are busy just by the sheer amount of children we have,
but it is God that is keeping us going.
The narrow road He has put us on is comfortably wide as of yet. 
I have a feeling that this path we are to travel is going to be constantly changing;
in size (road, trail, path),
in comfort,
in difficulty,
but we have decided to commit to God’s plan and trust in His timing.

We know the ‘what’ to God’s calling, but not the when’s or where’s.
We do know it will be a long journey to get there…
as we trust God to direct us towards the mission field.

(There…I said it *smile*)

So what do our days look like for now?
to be obedient.

So here is what we have been up to lately…
I have our school days lined out pretty well.  It is a similar format to the previous year, utilizing the Robinson curriculum (with a Charlottel Mason flair).   We have added a friend to our preschool activities 3 days a week, and I have decided to homeschool tutor Savannah.  She is in 6th grade and is considered a functioning autistic.  She works alongside Katie well.  I believe her abilities have been underestimated ;^)   I will share more details of our school days in upcoming posts. 

Our vision (for now) is to reach out to young men (12-18).  Fred & I see the need to guide and mentor boys.  Guys are grossly underestimated in our society; and the kicker comes when they, themselves, begin to undervalue their own identities.    I see it every day. 
~Tell someone we have 5 boys and eyes bulge out w/ a look of horror
(if they only knew how blessed we are)
~ Media alone demeans men (especially fathers) as shallow, dumb, & ignorant.
(one of the main reasons we opt not to have cable)
~ ill-behavior is excused because ‘that is the way men are’.
Well, I am here to say that the lack of moral values in our country are doing a disservice to our society.   If we can make any impact on the next generation into trusting God, believing in themselves, & create a desire to make a difference, it is the least we can do.

In our pondering of how to approach this vision, God has been at work.
~In the last month we have re-established relationships with young people we had worked w/ or been around prior to our move a few years ago. 
**One troubled youth is making some poor decisions;
we choose to come alongside the parents, understanding their dilema, and willing to invest time & emotion into this son of theirs.
**another youth recently went through a tragic event;
we choose to embrace, care, listen, & pray with (and for) him & his parents.
**I am also encouraging a mom who is beginning her homeschool journey with her youngest son (12). He’s a bit on the wiry side; all the more reason I think he will thrive at home.
~My husband has been asked to be a ‘youth advisor’ at our church;
which is amusing to me cuz that is what he does anyways, lol.
(and yes, I still hang out in the nursery, cuz I can’t help but to love on those babies!)

Our mission field (for now) IS in our backyard,
but we know this is training ground for future plans.

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